Free Discipleship Maturity Measurement Tool

All churches in the Virginia Conference now have access to the Real Discipleship Survey online. This system, designed by Phil Maynard, offers a way for churches to survey their maturity on six dimensions of the discipleship journey. This service is offered to all VAUMC churches free of charge.

The survey measures: a life of worship, a life of hospitality, a life open to Jesus, a life of obeying Jesus, a life of service, and a life of generosity. Upon taking the survey, participants discover if they are exploring, beginning, growing, or maturing in each of those categories.

For Pastors/Church Administrators

Before church members can take the Real Discipleship Survey online, the church pastor or administrator must set up that church in the system. Pastors and Administrators can find PDF instructions for setting up their church accounts HERE.

To claim your church account, visit:

Select your district and church name from the dropdown lists provided. If your church is not listed, please contact MaryKaye Cochran at

Once you’ve set up your church account, you can define groups within your church in order to use those statistics and data.

Use the blue “Edit Profile” button to set up your administrative account. Be sure to create a unique and strong password. Use the “Groups” fields to enter up to 20 groups within your congregation who may want to measure their discipleship and growth. For example, if you’d like to use the Real Discipleship Survey with your entire church, but would like to be able to look at the data for just your Church Council members who have taken the survey in order to gage their discipleship as a whole, you would want to create a Church Council group on this screen.

After individuals and groups within your church take their Real Discipleship Survey online, their data will show up in your church account. Only the pastor or administrator (as defined above) will have access to that data. Log in to your church account using: and use the blue “Church Stats” or “Group Stats” buttons to view the results.

From this screen you can filter results by time period if you choose. (This feature might be valuable for churches who take the survey one year, offer resources and opportunities for growth after the initial surveys are taken, and then take the survey a second time to measure changes or growth.)

For church participants:

For a PDF of instructions for taking the Real Discipleship Survey online, please click HERE.

Visit: and enter our conference code: PEACEANDJOY

In order to take the Real Discipleship Survey online you will need to enter an email address and create a secure password. Choose your District and your church from the dropdown lists, fill out the email and password fields and then click the blue “Sign Up” button.

Use the click here link on the next screen to continue. You can also access the survey by visiting after creating your account. After creating your account you will need to use the password and email address provided to log in and take the story.

Some churches have chosen to measure the survey statistics both at the churchwide level and by individual church groups. If your church has created subgroups, use the blue “Edit Profile” button to select the group(s) to which you belong. (ie: Church Council, Teachers/Leaders, etc.) Simply choose YES for those groups to which you belong.

Take the Real Discipleship Survey by clicking the blue “Take Survey” button and then selecting the one box of each color that fits you best. After completing the survey use the blue “Submit Survey” button. Your results will be displayed for you at that time. You may also select to view additional information or have your results sent to your email account.

Survey results will be available after completing the survey.
You may also use to log in and view your results at any time. You will also be able to retake the survey at a later date in order to measure changes in your discipleship over time.

Questions about the Real Discipleship Survey online:
Contact the Center for Congregational Excellence: (804) 521-1155 or


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